There are 4 million electric bicycles in Germany. Why you can’t see any ebikes on the street?

There are 4 million electric bicycles in Germany. Why you can’t see any ebikes on the street?

China’s former bicycle kingdom has long been equipped with electric motors, and it is full of electric bicycles. At the same time as people are convenient to travel, fast and heavy electric bicycles have become one of the traffic safety hazards.
Recently, many cities have successively launched the “Treatment of Chaos” campaign for electric bicycles, which has drawn attention from all walks of life.
In fact, there is no other way to go between a ban and laissez-faire. In foreign countries, although electric bicycles are not as popular as China, strict management is still worth learning.

The appearance is the same as the ordinary bicycle
As you stroll through the streets of German cities such as Berlin and Frankfurt, you can see men and women riding a variety of bicycles. But what is strange is that you can hardly see a battery car, whether it is a river that often rides bicycles, or a bustling commercial street, a railway station, and other bicycles, even in the bicycle garage of the residential area. Less than the traces of electric bicycles.

This seems to be completely different from the picture portrayed by the German Two-wheeler Industry Association. According to statistics, the current number of electric bicycles in Germany is nearly 4 million, and the annual increase since the financial crisis was 150,000. Moreover, electric bicycles in Germany are becoming more and more high-tech, and each manufacturer has a research and development center.

From the statistical data, Germany is well-deserved in Europe is one of the fastest growing electric bicycle markets. But why are there such big differences between statistics and reality?

If you come to a bicycle store, you will find a clue. Unlike China’s battery cars, which have large batteries, German electric bicycles have almost no difference in appearance from ordinary bicycles: some electric bicycles are designed with a flat shape on the rear seat, and some are placed on the rear seat. Under the rear seat, some are placed behind the vertical beam in the middle of the bicycle, and the battery is very small. The engine unit is tightly fitted into a small disc placed on the front or rear axle.

So, many times the bikes seen in Germany, including electric bikes.

Although the appearance is not much different from ordinary bicycles, the price is not the same. For example, the latest development of electric bicycles by the Victorian company in Germany, the price is generally 2,000 euros (about 15,000 yuan), the minimum is 1,500 euros (about 11,000 yuan). Electric bicycles in Germany are becoming more and more high-tech, such as one of the most expensive electric bicycles in the world, with a price of more than 50,000 euros and a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour.

“German bicycle manufacturers have R&D centers. In the future, electric bicycles will be lighter, cleaner and more convenient to use and carry,” said Thomas, head of the Quande Bicycle Club.

Take a driving license before going on the road
The speed of electric bicycles in Germany is so high, so while providing various convenience measures, the German traffic management department requires the rider to take the test beforehand to obtain a driver’s license.

Everyone who rides an electric bicycle must undergo at least two days of training before the driver can get a driver’s license. There are many contents for training. For example, you must drive lights at night, you can’t ride bicycles after drinking, and you must wear helmets when driving at speeds of more than 20 kilometers per hour. In addition, young people under the age of 15 are not eligible for a driver’s license, and all-electric bike drivers must purchase specific insurance.

Thomas said: “On certain road sections, the German traffic management department also requires electric bikes to have a top speed of fewer than 25 kilometers.”

My friend John often travels on electric bicycles. He is very careful when driving because the rules are very strict: if you go retrograde, ride on the sidewalk, red light, etc., the fine is not discussed, and the amount is very high.

In addition, electric bicycles cannot be used on the road, and electric bicycles must comply with the relevant regulations of the European Union and Germany. The EU’s latest standard en15194 for electric bicycles stipulates that the maximum voltage of electric assist bicycles is 48v (direct current) and the maximum rated power is 250w. When the speed reaches 25km/h, the output power must be gradually reduced and finally cut off.

In addition to the EU regulations, Germany requires electric bicycles and ordinary bicycles to perform the same safety standards, including the body, must have a logo, must have lighting equipment. The insurance company will not pay for the accident when riding an unqualified bicycle. The sale, manufacture, and import of unauthorized bicycles will be imposed a maximum fine of 1,500 euros.

Set up a special battery car channel
Bicycle lanes are only for those who ride bicycles – German riders attach great importance to this traffic rule.

In Germany, you will find bicycle lanes next to the sidewalk, about 1 meter wide, slightly lower than the sidewalk, and the pavement material and color are different from the sidewalk. The special channel is to avoid electric accidents caused by electric bicycles. If any pedestrian accidentally enters the bicycle lane, it should be highly valued. If necessary, dodge as soon as possible, otherwise, you will hear the harsh bicycle ringing and even the danger of being hit.

On the streets of Germany, you can also see such a view: the city is equipped with a charger, electric bicycles can be stopped at any time, free to charge.

According to reports, the battery life of German electric bicycles is enough to support the bicycle to travel 400,000 kilometers, so there is no cost and trouble to replace the battery. At the same time, there are specialized companies in Germany that recycle and dispose of used batteries, without the concern of bicycle companies.

Today, more and more Germans choose electric bicycles to travel, both environmentally friendly and high-speed. There are more than 200 long-distance bicycle lanes in Germany, each with exciting themes, whether you want to experience the Roman era or explore the beautiful scenery of the Ruhr Valley, you can do it in the German-themed cycling route. Found, some routes along the road can also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

In addition, most German rail services allow bicycles to get on the train. There are also “special cars” for bicycles on the front of the Stuttgart cog train, but the carrier needs to buy one more ticket for the bike.



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