MO-12 Electric Bike Motor

MO-12 Electric Bike Motor

Type: DGW23N

Specification: 16’’~28’’

Spoke hole: 36Holes,Diameter 3.0mm

Voltage: 36V,48V

Rated power: 250W,300W

Efficiency: ≥80%

Cable side: Right

Magnet rate: 16Poles

Reduction gear ratio: 1:7.5

Fork size: 100mm

Inside speed sensor: 1,6

Hall sensor: With/Without

Classification of waterproof: IP54

Weight: 2.4Kg


Electric Bike Motor
Motor Advantages:
This front-drive motor, has a rated power of 250W, a reduction ratio of 1: 7.5, small size, light weight, high efficiency, and smooth & quiet in running. This motor is suitable for city bikes. It can be black or silver.

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