THO-2 Electric Bike Throttle

Electric Bike ThrottleElectric Bike Throttle

THO-2 Electric Bike Throttle

  1. Material: High-quality ABS Raw PVC
  2. Twist-Grip acceleration control
  3. Design of the bracket considers the cooperation with the grip tape.
  4. Fits for electric bicycle, scooter, electric-scooter and motorcycle
  5. Beautiful design with good quality and nice touch feeling
  6. 4 electrical wire:
  7.    The Red wire: +5V DC (Hall effect sensor input)
  8. The blue wire: – (GND)

III. The Green wire: OUT (Hall effect sensor output)

  1. The yellow wire: + (DC in)
  2. Wire length & connector : As your request
  3. Self-produced self-marketing and good quality with cheap price
  4. Packing: one PVC bag for each pair then 100 sets in one CTN
  5. Extremely comfortable for riding

Electric Bike Throttle

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