MT-1 26” City Electric Bike

MT-1 26” City Electric Bike

Electric systemMain component
Model NO.MT-1FrameAluminum 26″
Battery36Vx10.4AHRimAluminum Double Wall Rim
SensorTorque sensorFront ForkSuntour suspension fork
Controller8FUNFront brakeDisc brakes
ThrottleNILRear Brake
Display8FUN LCDSpokesStainless
PerformanceSpeed GearsNEXUS 7
Speed25km/h (16 mph)Derailleur
Range60km (38 miles)Handle BarAlloy
Max Load120KGS (264 lbs)Seat postAlloy
Weight25 Kg (55 lbs)StemAlloy
Carton size146*34*76 cmBrake LevelF&R disc brake
Loading Qty68PCS/20GP/ 150PCS/40HQChainAntirust
Delivery45-60 DaysChain wheelAlloy



  • Very affordable Bafang powered electric city bike, comes with all of the accessories you need for commuting in rain or shine along with several comfort upgrades
  • Integrated LED lights, with an aimable headlight, keep you visible and help you navigate in the dark, reflective tires provide a larger visual footprint so cars notice you
  • Internally geared hub keeps the bike frame clean and is less likely to take damage at crowded bike racks or in the event of a tip, the chain should stay on track as well
  • Available in two sizes with separate wheel sizes to provide a great fit, the rear rack mounted battery isn’t as balanced as mid-frame, Bafang motor is zippy and responsive


  • This model comes stock with plastic fenders, an alloy rack with mini-pump, plastic chain cover, and integrated LED lights so you can use it in almost any type of riding conditions
  • Very comfortable and adjustable, the bike comes in two frame sizes, has an adjustable angle stem, includes a suspension fork and suspension seat post, and the gel saddle feels great
  • The internally geared hub stays clean, tends to be more protected than a derailleur at racks or in the event of a tip, and should be reliable between regular maintenance checkups and oil baths
  • I’m more used to seeing hydraulic disc brakes but these hydraulic rim brakes were just as easy to actuate, they have adjustable levers for people with small or large hands, and they make space for the internally geared hub
  • While the satin black and grey color scheme is unisex and looks professional, it isn’t the most visible… so I love that they included integrated lights and tires with reflective sidewalls
  • Wave style step-thru frame is much easier to mount than trying to swing your leg up and over the rear rack, especially if it’s loaded with gear! It’s a good setup for people with short inseams, hip, or knee sensitivity
  • Provides good fit because it is made in two frame sizes with separate wheel sizes that either raise or lower the overall frame height, the larger wheels are more efficient and span cracks well but make the bike less nimble
  • Elongated chain cover with half-full-surround chainring cover keeps your pants, skirt, and other loose clothing from getting dirty or snagged while riding
  • No quick release on the rear wheel or the seat post collar, this may be designed to help deter theft in urban environments, the tires have Kenda puncture protection so hopefully, you won’t need to mess with them very often if you keep the tires at the recommended PSI
  • The battery can be easily removed for charging off the bike, perfect if you commute to work and need a fill-up during the day
  • The weight of the bike is fairly low at ~53 lbs (for the small frame) considering all of the accessories and suspension elements, most comparable e-bikes weight at least 55+ lbs and they don’t usually come with a mini-pump
  • Clean frame with internally routed cables so you don’t snag, the kickstand is also out of the way but has a nice height adjustment feature
  • The rack is spaced far back from the seat tube so you can lower the saddle without colliding with a trunk bag, the lower seat tube provides a more comfortable fit if you have a shorter inseam (you can lower the saddle to be able to sit at stops vs. hopping off and forward)
  • The included bell is very cool, it’s large, easy to reach, and produces a pleasant chime that sets it apart from cheaper after market products
  • The wheelset has reinforcement eyelets which spread spoke tension and reduce the potential for cracking, this makes the bike more capable of carrying heavier riders or a fully loaded rack (max rated weight on the rack is ~44 lbs)
  • The cockpit is fairly clean, I like the ergonomic grips and half-grip twist for shifting gears, it has a little window so you can easily tell which gear is in use and because this model uses an internally geared hub, you can shift at standstill (useful if you have to make an unexpected stop on an incline)
  • In 2017 there was a software update for the Bafang drive system that your shop could help you install (if it isn’t pre-installed) and this introduces improved shift detection for internally geared hubs, ultimately it reduces wear on the drivetrain and makes shifting smoother
  • The battery pack casing has an integrated handle along the bottom to make it easy to pull off and carry around, the pack slides into place easier than a lot of other rack batteries I have tested
  • The chain is a bit thicker and sturdier because there isn’t a cassette to shift through and this means it won’t stretch as easily and is ideal for a mid-drive setup, it also should not drop off as easily on bumpy terrain
  • You get walk mode (press the walk button at the base of the Purion display and then hold +) which is useful if the bike is loaded with gear and you’re navigating through a crowd or maybe up a hill, I have used it to walk with friends in the city

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