YYB-6 City Electric Bike

YYB-6 City Electric BikeYYB-6 City Electric Bike

YYB-6 City Electric Bike

Electric systemMain component
Model NO.YYB-6Frame26 inch Aluminum alloy
Motor250W/350W/500W Rear motorTyres26*2.0
Battery36v/10.4ah lithium batteryRimAlloy double wall
PasSpeed sensorFront ForkAlloy suspension fork
ControllerIntelligent controllerFront brakeDisc brake
ThrottleOptionalRear BrakeDisc brake
DisplayLCDSpokesStainless steel
PerformanceSpeed GearsShimano 6/7 speed
Speed25km/h-32km/h (16 mph -20 mph )DerailleurShimano
Range35-45km (22 miles – 28 miles)Handle BarAlloy
Max Load120kgs (264 lbs)Seat postAlloy
Weight29kg/33kg (64lbs – 73lbs)StemAlloy
Carton size150*34*81CMBrake LevelF&R disc brake
Loading Qty92pcs/20ft,210pcs/40HQChainAntirust
Delivery45-60 DaysChain wheelAlloy



  • A high-speed, feature complete, value priced electric bike that comes in four frame sizes, high-step and mid-step frame style, and three colors
  • Relatively comfortable thanks to fatter tires, a suspension fork with compression slider and lockout, Velo ergonomic grips, and a Selle Royal gel saddle
  • Full-length plastic fenders with mud flaps and a custom rear rack with pannier hangers, blockers, and bungee loops add utility but also stay fairly quiet
  • Heavier than I expected at ~57.4 lbs but the powerful 180 mm hydraulic disc brakes also include motor inhibitors to cut power instantly, multiple battery size options let you go further, custom-tuned geared motor is compact but powerful, smooth, and quiet


  • I feel that this bike offers incredible value, whether you get the stock battery or upgrade, you always have a rack, fenders, lights, and a solid year-long warranty from a company that has been around since 2009
  • Kocass Bikes tends to refine their products over time, even throughout the season, and I noticed with the YYB-6 that electrical connectors were threaded with rubber seals for better durability and water protection, the seat tube is one inch lower to accommodate seat post suspension units (which add ~3 inches of height”
  • So many electric bikes have mid-mounted kickstands that get in the way of the left crank arm (and there is a mounting plate on this bike if you want that, or maybe add a double-leg kickstand like this, aftermarket), but I like how the YYB-6 has a more rear mounted stand by default, it is positioned far enough back to stay clear but not so far that it sticks out the back or gets in the way of the disc brake caliper mount, the stand itself is adjustable length and seemed higher quality
  • Unique and functional rear rack with pannier rods and blockers, a bungee loop at the base, and a flat plate on top for supporting a trunk bag like this
  • I almost couldn’t believe that the high-step YYB-6 has two sets of bottle cage bosses?! More and more ebikes are adding these, but so many bikes only have room for one set and I think they are very useful for putting a mini-pump, folding lock, or easily accessible liquids without having to buy and load up a bag, note that their mid-step frame does not have room for these bosses
  • Available in four frame sizes, high-step and accessible mid-step frame styles, as well as three sporty colors! I like the brushed Aluminum silver look but red is fun and the black will mesh with the wires and battery a bit nicer
  • The combination of battery size options and high-speed Class 3 ~28 mph pedal assist performace as well as throttle override makes this bike versatile, functional for commuters, and just plain fun… go for a larger pack if you plan on riding fast frequently because air really resistance cuts into range above 20 mph
  • You get a 1,000 lumen integrated LED headlight stock! that’s nice for utility and safety, a lot more convenient than an aftermarket light that you have to remember to turn on/off or risk getting stolen because it’s not bolted down
  • The 8Fun hub motor used here was custom specced by Kocass Bikes and offers a whopping 650 to 960 watts of power, even though the casing is so small and compact, I was really impressed with how fluid and powerful it felt (though I only weigh ~135 lbs), it did feel like an upgrade over the standard YYB-6 which uses a 500 watt motor
  • The plastic fenders used on this bike are wide, have flexible rubber flaps at the ends, and didn’t rattle as much as I had expected because they have additional struts and attachment points (specifically, on the rear rack for the rear fender)
  • I didn’t get to see the rear light, but apparently it comes with and clips into the Selle Royal saddle, this is nice to have but be careful that your long shirt or coat doesn’t drape down over it, or that you forget to turn it off because it’s an independent light vs. the headlight which is wired in, it’s nice that you get two lights here but consider adding a light to the back of your backpack, helmet, or trunk bag like this that clips on
  • The bike rode comfortably because of the slightly fatter tires, suspension fork (with compression slider and lockout), ergonomic locking grips from Velo, and the name-brand gel saddle from Selle Royale, consider swapping out the seat post with a 27.2 mm suspension post from Suntour or BodyFloat for added comfort on your back and neck, and maybe a ShockStop stem for your wrists and arms if you ride fast and travel on a lot of bumpy terrain or are just sensitive like me
  • In recent years, it seems like more brands are foregoing motor inhibitors on their brake levers… because fancier sensor systems, the Kocass YYB-6 does have a torque + cadence sensor and yet they also still include motor inhibitors for an added level of control over the bike, the levers also provide adjustable reach which is nice if you have smaller hands or wear gloves sometimes
  • The bike felt really solid, notice the reinforcement eyelets on the rims so they don’t crack, and the slightly thicker 12 and 13 gauge spokes, the larger BMX style alloy platform pedals which feel stiff and won’t let you slip off as easily, I appreciate the black rims, spokes, and motor casing that all match and just look more refined and polished
  • The drivetrain is pretty good for a value priced electric bike, nine speeds with a lower-end Shimano Altus derailleur (but not the lowest) and you a stronger chain, trigger shifters with a double-click downshifter, and a sturdy alloy chain guard to protect the massive 52 tooth chainring and keep your pants clear and clean
  • I love that Kocass Bikes offers an optional 8 Amp battery charger because the larger packs would otherwise take 7+ hours with the standard 2 Amp charger
  • There are nine ticks on the battery infographic which is more than the standard 4 or 5 I usually see, and this provides more insight into how full the battery actually is, the finer increments give you like ~11% jumps vs. 25% or 20%
  • If you have to walk the bike (like if you’ve got the rack loaded with groceries, the terrain gets bumpy, or maybe you get a flat tire) the walk mode becomes very useful, this is a ~57 lb e-bike after all! Just hold the minus button on the control pad to activate it
  • It’s neat that you can adjust so much in the settings menu of this electric bicycle, just hold the + and – buttons to enter settings and then choose the top speed (you could lower it from 28 to 20 mph for efficiency or safety), power limit, even have the ability de-activate the torque sensor so you only have to turn the cranks and not push in order to activate assist, and you can also set the low voltage cutoff to save the battery from completely discharging (the default is 40 volts according to Tora
  • Apparently, the cadence sensor is built into the rear torque plate and has 104 measure points vs. just 12 on most ebikes, the cadence and torque sensors on this bike make it very responsive and fluid feeling


YYB-6 City Electric Bike YYB-6 City Electric Bike YYB-6 City Electric Bike

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