EB-2 20” Folding Electric Bike

EB-2 20” Folding Electric Bike

Electric systemMain component
Model NO.EB-2Frame6061 Alloy aluminum Foldable
Motor36V/250W High speed brushless gearedTyres20*1.75
Battery36V/8.8Ah   Li-polymer  batteryRimAlloy aluminum double wall
PasSpeed  sensorFront Forksuspension    fork
Controller36V Intelligent brushless controllerFront brake Alloy V-brake
ThrottleNILRear Brake Alloy V-brake
DisplayLEDSpokes13g   steel
PerformanceSpeed GearsSHIMANO 7 speed
Speed25Km/h (16 mph)Derailleurshimano
Range35Km full electric (22 Miles)Handle BarAlloy aluminum
Max Load120kg (265 lbs)Seat postAlloy Seat post
Weight22Kg (48 lbs)StemAlloy aluminum
Carton size132*25*67cmBrake LevelWuxing  Alloy aluminum,cut-off when braking
Loading Qty114pcs/20ft  273pcs/40HQChainKmc  Rust resistant chain
Delivery45-60DAYSChain wheelProwheel Steel 52T,alloy aluminum crank



  • A feature-packed folding electric bike with lots of accessories and multiple color options, great price point and warranty
  • Sturdy folding mechanisms with security locks emphasize safety, reflective tires and LED lights keep you seen in dark riding conditions, alloy chain guide and derailleur guard protect the drivetrain
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat height accommodate tall or short riders and the suspension fork and suspension seat post, while basic, make it comfortable to ride
  • At nearly 53 lbs it’s heavy for a folding ebike, independent lights are more of a hassle and can be left on accidentally then run out, key must be left in to ride, battery is heavy and not hidden


  • For an electric bike that comes complete with fenders, lights and a rear rack…
  • This is a great looking bike and even though it only comes in one frame size, you do get color options! The paint looks good and even the battery pack and fenders are colorized for a more complete look, it’s nice to have variety if you’re considering a set for you and your partner or friend
  • Many folding electric bikes forego suspension because it adds weight but with smaller wheels, you sometimes feel the bumps more so I like that this model has a suspension fork and seat post
  • The battery mount felt solid and putting the pack on or taking it off the frame is less time consuming than some others that use the “Silverfish” pack design because the saddle flips forward out of the way
  • Electric bikes can suffer from chain drop (where the chain falls off the front chainring when you’re riding fast over bumpy terrain), I like that this ebike comes with a sturdy Aluminum chain guide (one plate on either side of the ring) to keep it on track
  • Independent lights keep you visible but cut down on the hassle (and theft potential) of aftermarket lights but still run on AA batteries vs. being wired-in. It’s cool that the bike comes with a flick bell and tires with reflective sidewall tape to enlarge your visual footprint and keep you seen and heard
  • On the right side near the top of the battery box there is a standard sized female USB port so you could charge additional lights or other portable electronics, this works whether the battery is on or off the bike as long as you turn it on with the key… it could double as a backup battery power source
  • Complimenting that chain guide piece mentioned earlier is a metal derailleur guard which keeps the sensitive bits of the bike from getting snagged or bent easily (including the motor cable which is routed through the rear axle there)
  • The rear rack is pretty decent and I love that it’s free from holding the battery which reduces hauling capacity and raises the weight of your gear, consider putting a trunk bag on this rack and looking for one with reflectors and a bottle holster like this
  • I think backlighting on the display is manually controlled (just press the power button once to enable it), this is my preference vs. having the bright light distracting you while riding, since the headlight and taillight are manually controlled too, you can set things however you want
  • This model uses the latest generation of cadence sensors at the bottom bracket, it’s super small so it won’t get bumped and felt very responsive to me, I love that the bike has throttle override as well so you can get going without straining your knees

Folding Bike

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