HBH-2 20” Folding Electric Bike

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HBH-2 20” Folding Electric Bike

Electric systemMain component
Model NO.HBH-2Frame6061 Aluminum Alloy
Motor250/350 Watt 8Fun Rear-Mounted Geared HubFrame Size15 in (38.1 cm)
Power36V Standard 360WWheel20 in (50.8cm)
Battery36V/10Ah  Lithium batteryFront ForkAluminum Alloy
Controller36V Intelligent brushless controllerSpokesCast Radial Support Arms
PasSpeed  sensorFront brakeTektro Disc-brake
DisplayLCDRear BrakeTektro Disc-brake
ThrottleOptionalTyresReflective Sidewall Stripes, 40-65 PSI, 20″ x 2.125″
PerformanceSpeed Gears7 Speed 1×7 Tourney RD-TXX
Speed25 mph (40 kph) (20 mph Throttle Only)DerailleurShimano 7 speed
Range60 miles (48 km)Handle BarLow-Rise, 24″ Length, Aluminum Alloy
Max LoadMax 100 KgSeat post6061 Aluminum Alloy
Weight61.3 lbs (27.8 kg)StemAluminum Alloy, Foldable
Carton size132*25*67cmPedalsWellgo Folding Plastic Platform
Loading Qty114pcs/20ft  273pcs/40HQRimsSolid Aluminum Alloy, Black
Delivery45-60 DaysChainKMC



  • A folding speed pedelec (capable of ~25 mph) that also offers throttle on demand, you get plenty of power from a 500 Watt hub motor and 48 Volt 13 amp hour battery pack
  • Two frame styles and four color choices let you personalize the product a bit, folding mechanisms have locks for safety, I like the reflective tires and LED lights even though they require separate batteries
  • Cast Aluminum rims can handle more weight than spokes and won’t go out of true or break as easily, decent suspension fork, seat post shock, ergonomic grips and gel saddle enhance comfort
  • With so many features the bike weighs more at ~61 lbs, the kickstand would stay out of the way better if mounted towards the rear vs. bottom bracket, key must be left in to ride


  • One of the most noticeable and coolest features about this folding ebike, at least to me!, is the cast Aluminum wheelset which can support more weight and won’t go out of true the way traditional spokes might
  • Four color combinations make it fun, you could get a set of these for your family and easily keep track of who owns which bike, my favorite is the white because it is the most visible for night riding
  • Solid rack with a full 25 kg max weight rating, I like the little spring latch for quick cargo additions and love that the battery is mounted to the frame leaving the rack clear vs. some older designs
  • This is a minor plus but I noticed how the seat tube and collar were twisted a bit so the quick release tab wouldn’t collide with the battery pack when fully closed! This is a wonderful attention to detail
  • I love the included lights and reflective tires but wish that the lights ran off the main battery pack, they are higher quality builds however (both from Spanninga)
  • The folding points seemed very reliable thanks to locking mechanisms (there’s even a spring run through the frame to help with alignment and unfolding if you’re by yourself)
  • Sturdy metal plates sandwich the chainring acting as protection when folded (along with a metal support arm directly below the bottom bracket), the metal plates also act as a guide, keeping the chain on track if you’re riding over bumpy terrain… this is especially important in throttle mode and when riding on bumpy terrain at high speed
  • Capable of ~25 mph top speeds (in pedal assist mode) this is one of the very few speed pedelec folding e-bikes I have ever seen and would work well for some people who want to commute faster
  • Excellent drive mode control here with throttle only mode, throttle override (with full power) and six levels of assist… just be careful to turn it off before folding or you could bump the throttle and have the bike take off
  • Mechanical disc brakes are a good upgrade from rim brakes because they stay cleaner and don’t wear out as fast, the brake levers on the Kocass Premium have motor inhibitors so you stop safer and don’t compete with the power of the bike
  • Smaller wheels keep the bike compact for folding but aren’t as comfortable as larger ones so it’s great that you get a mid-level suspension fork, suspension seat post and large gel saddle… it really makes a difference at speed and on longer journies
  • Telescoping stem offers more height options to improve the ride for taller people (the bike only comes in one size after all), don’t stretch it all the way up however because the cables can get stretched and messed up when steering if so
  • You can charge the battery on or off the frame with this bike and I love how easy it is to take off! The saddle flips forward and the slide and locking mechanisms just seemed to work here vs. some other folders I’ve tested
  • I really like the cadence sensor they chose for this pedelec, it’s not a big disc with exposed magnets (easier to bump and mess up), this thing is compact and sealed from water and mud but still very responsive
  • The fold point mid-frame does bulge out a little but is positioned much lower than some other e-bikes so I feel like it wouldn’t bruise your thigh as easily (this was an issue my girlfriend had with some of the folding fat bikes we tested)
  • I like that the battery features a USB charging port on the side so you can fill your phone, GPS or music player… in some ways I’d like it up by the handlebars but on the other hand, it’s very close to the rear rack so your gear could be charging while stored, consider buying a right angle USB dongle like one of these to keep it out of the way
  • The charger is pretty compact and very lightweight at ~1.5 lbs, the plug end for the bike is metal which seems tougher if it was dropped or stepped on, I’d probably bring it along all the time and just keep it in a trunk bag on the rack
  • I love the brake levers they chose for the Premium, you get a tiny (but loud!) integrated bell on the left and the levers themselves have a rubberized edge for comfort
  • Generally speaking, this is one of the most powerful folding electric bikes around given the 500 Watt motor, 9 Mosfet controller with 14 Amp thruput and 48 Volt battery, it was able to move Jesse who is a larger rider (6’3″ at 230 lbs), up hills as shown in the video review above

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