JLW-30/JLM-31 27.5″ Mountain Ebike

JLW-30/JLM-31 27.5″ Mountain Ebike

Electric systemMain component
MotorHigh speed brushless  MAX   motorFrame6061 Alloy aluminum
36V/350W  8FUNTyres27.5
Battery36V/14.5Ah   SAMSUNG  batteryRim Alloy aluminum double wall
PasTorque & speed  sensorFront ForkAlloy suspension fork
Front brakeTEKTRO  Oil  disc brake
Controller36V Intelligent brushless controllerRear BrakeTEKTRO  Oil  disc brake
ThrottleNILSpokes13g stainless steel
Speed<=32Km/hHandle BarPROMAX Alloy aluminum
Range>50KMSeat postPROMAX Alloy Seat post
Max Load100KgStemPROMAX Alloy aluminum
Weight23KgBrake LevelTEKTRO Alloy aluminum  OIL
Loading Qty92pcs/20ft,210pcs/40HQChainKMC Rust resistant chain
Delivery45-60DAYSwheelSTEEL  42T



  •  One of the stiffer, more capable, deep step-thru electric bike that I have tested, sturdy thru-axle, strong tapered head tube, reinforced downtube, and fatter tires for stability
  • Focus on comfort and safety with suspension fork, optional suspension seat post, gel saddle, and ergonomic grips, as well as reflective tires and premium integrated lights
  • Backward compatible Bafang Powerpack 500 battery is fast charging and removable
  • The NuVinci is smooth and can be shifted at standstill but adds weight, the bike is nearly 60 lbs which is heavier than average


  • Uniquely positioned battery keeps weight relatively centered while freeing up the deep step-thru frame for easy mounting and stand over, the optional rear rack is left open for cargo and the frame feels relatively stiff (great for a child seat like the Yepp! Nexxt Maxi), I think the rigid (but angled) stem also improves stiffness while allowing for a more comfortable upright body position
  •  The optional alloy fenders are thin but strong and quiet, the rear rack appears to be sturdier than aftermarket products even though it’s only officially rated at 44 lbs, you get a frame lock at the base of the rack for quick stops (and it uses the same key as the battery so you don’t have to deal with clutter)
  • This model offers a lot of utility and safety, whether you’re riding in wet or dark conditions, the reflective sidewall stripes and high-quality integrated LED lights keep you seen and help you keep an eye on upcoming terrain, there’s also a little flick bell to help you signal to others in a friendly way
  • If you opt for the NuVinci drive system, you won’t have to worry about a derailleur getting bumped or bent in tight situations like racks or if the bike tips over onto the right side, it can also be shifted at standstill which is nice if you have to stop abruptly or ride on hilly terrain
  • In addition to standard tire fenders, this model has an alloy chainring bash guard and short chain cover that will keep your pant leg or skirt from getting snagged or dirtied by the chain/belt as you ride
  • I don’t know of many wave step-thru models that feel stiff enough to warrant high-speed operation, many of them have frame flex issues, but the R&M can handle it and is available with a Bafang Performance Speed motor option
  • The bike is intentionally minimalist in terms of paint and styling, they wanted to highlight the main frame and color matched the fork, seat tube, and rack in black to help them blend into the motor, battery, wheelset, and tires
  • The battery is on the downtube but it’s not so low that it will get kicked as easily when mounting, this should keep it from getting loose or scratched up compared to some similar designs like the Riese & Müller Homage
  • The battery is easy to remove, has an integrated handle so you can grip it securely, and uses the same charging interface whether it’s on or off the bike so you don’t need extra adapters
  • Sometimes bicycles have kickstands that are mounted too close to the pedal crank arms and they get in the way but this model has a rear-mount stand that is also adjustable height
  •  The front wheel uses a stiff thru-axle, the head tube is tapered for strength, the wheels are large and efficient at 700c (28″) but feature fatter 2″ tires which improve traction, stability, and comfort, the bike just feels more capable than a lot of others in this category
  • I don’t have an exact number here but I’m guessing that this step-thru will be able to handle more rider and cargo weight than a lot of competing bikes because of the frame design and reinforced wheelset, they have reinforcement eyelets and that thru axle in the front
  • The larger diameter wheels and tires (700c / 28″) offer some gap spanning and smoother rolling feel, they are more efficient and offer momentum and stability compared to smaller wheels and tires



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