YYB-1 26” City Electric Bike

YYB-1 26'' City Electric Bike (3)YYB-1 26'' City Electric Bike (3)

YYB-1 26” City Electric Bike

Electric systemMain component
Model NO.YYB-1FrameAluminum 26″
MotorREAR MOTOR, 36Vx 250WTyresKENDA
Battery36Vx10.4AHRimAluminum Double Wall Rim
Sensor12 pasFront Forksuspension fork
ControllerIntelligent controllerFront brakeDisc brakes
ThrottleOptionalRear Brake
PerformanceSpeed GearsShimano 7 speed
Speed25km/h or 32km/h (16 mph)Derailleur
Range60km (38 miles)Handle BarAlloy
Max Load120Kg (264 lbs)Seat postAlloy
Weight25 Kg (55 lbs)StemAlloy
Carton size149*24*79 cmBrake LevelF&R disc brake
Loading Qty68PCS/20GP/ 150PCS/40HQChainAntirust
Delivery45-60 DaysChain wheelAlloy



  • A feature rich, city style electric bike, available in four beautiful colors and approachable step-thru with double tubing for stiffness or taller high-step
  • Impressive 36v/48 volt 13 amp hour Lithium-ion battery with USB charging port on the side to maintain accessories (smartphones, additional lights, etc.)
  • Powerful but easy-to-pull hydraulic disc brakes with large 180 mm rotors, excellent Kenda tires with reflective sides and puncture protection, comfortable but simple shock absorbers
  • Heavier build because of the alloy fenders, rack, and big battery, but the weight is low and spread out, adjustable stem and lower seat tube can accommodate 5 foot (152 cm) riders, offers throttle and pedal assist with slightly higher speed options



  • Comfortable and highly adjustable, the suspension fork and seat post are a little basic (keeping them more affordable) but they pair nicely with the gel saddle, adjustable stem, swept back handlebar, and ergonomic grips for a more relaxed and comfortable ride
  • Even though there is technically only one frame size for this ebike, you get to choose from high-step or step-thru, and that provides a lower stand-over height for people with short inseams, the high-step will feel more rigid and responsive and may be easier to hang on some bike racks, otherwise you might need a hitch rack like I had in the video
  • The YYB-1 Infinite is feature complete, meaning that it comes with fenders, a rear rack, and lights to keep you safe at night, this product offers a lot of utility and goes above and beyond with reflective tires that are puncture resistant
  • For those who want to add an additional light or power their phone on the go, the battery pack has a full sized USB Type A port on the top right and you can use a right angle adapter and some zip ties to connect without having wires stick out too much (getting in the way of your right leg while pedaling)
  • The 27.5″ x 2.0″ tires provide great rolling momentum, a lower angle of attack to span cracks, and increased air volume for even more comfort… but they do elevate the entire bike frame by half an inch more than competing products with 26″ tires.
  • With a large alloy chainring protector and tough steel derailleur guard, the drivetrain on this bike seems well protected, even the motor power cable is protected on the right side
  • Minor pro here, but I love the pedals used here because they are stiff, offer good traction, and provide more surface area than the cheap cage-style steel pedals I see on a lot of other more affordable ebike products
  • It’s neat that you can charge the battery on or off the bike and I appreciate how it seats into the frame partially, to lower weight and provide more strength, the battery charger is more basic and offers 2 amps output vs. 3 amps or 4 amps on some nicer products
  • You can choose many ways to ride this ebike including pedal assist, limited speed, throttle on demand (and throttle override of assist), or higher-speed pedal assist for commuting on streets
  • You get four beautiful color choices that aren’t cheap looking or exclusively masculine, the metallic gold is unique and seems appealing to women who are often stuck with black, white, or something like pink, purple, or teal
  • I like how the branding on this e-bike is understated, it doesn’t have a huge company logo or flashy designs that end up looking cheap, all of the black hardware ties into the small black company logo on the downtube
  • It sounds like YYB-1 offers free shipping if you order online but also has a handful of shops in Canada and the US that sell in person, so you can test ride and get a fully assembled product vs. unpacking and setting up yourself
  • I like that the level of pedal assist can circle down from 0 all the way up to 6 or go from 6 all the way down to zero without having to click +, +, +, or -, -, -, a bunch of times

YYB-1 26'' City Electric Bike (3) YYB-1 26'' City Electric Bike (3) YYB-1 26'' City Electric Bike (3)



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