E-bike exhibitor upgrading — Kocass Ebikes


E-bike exhibitor upgrading — Kocass Ebikes

E-bike exhibitor upgrading


China is the biggest e-bike production and selling country in the world. E-bike gradually has become one of important traffics tool for daily short-distance travel of Chinese consumers. With the quick changing of e-bike industry, some traditional enterprises also follow “the progress”.

Kocass Ebikes is an enterprise focusing on e-bike solution, research development and manufacturer of electric bike system, which enjoys high reputations in domestic and foreign market. In 2018, Kocass Technology performs a new round of upgrading of ebike products, applies intelligence to products and meets the market demand of new are. Kocass Ebikes possesses a senior ebike research and development team in the industry, which lays a profound technological foundation for research and product development of e-bike system. It’s devoted to developing solution in electronic transportation field and providing rich procut mix. Kocass Technology’s ebikes upgraded products will appear on China International E-bike and Parts Fair 2018.

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