The electric bike hearing took an afternoon and the discussion was fierce

The electric bike hearing took an afternoon and the discussion was fierce

On the afternoon of January 23, the New York City Council Transportation Committee held a hearing at the City Hall to discuss two proposals aimed at legalizing electric bicycles and electric skateboards. The parties discussed the fierceness, there was support and opposition, the hearing took six hours, and the evening was not over.

Int. No. 1264, proposed by City Councilor and City Council Consumer Affairs Commission Chairman Rafael Espinal, requires the municipality to cancel the current definition of illegalization of certain electric bicycles, allowing less than 20 miles per hour. The electric bicycle is legalized; at the same time, the city police station is required to reduce the amount of fines for electric bicycles; the “confiscation” penalty is only for dangerously driven motorized bicycles, and the legally used electric bicycles should be handled according to driving bicycles.

Also discussed is the proposal by Aspen to ask the City Transportation Bureau to help the deliveryman renovate the current electric bicycle No. Int. No. 1265; and the proposal of the city councilman Fernando Cabrera to legalize the electric skateboard.

Many city councillors support the legalization of motorcycles. City Councilor Chen Qianwen said that this Monday, for example, when the temperature reached minus ten degrees, most people can stay at home, but the outsourcing langs braved the cold to deliver the goods to the guests. “They try their best to legally Regulations, but why the city has not been able to help them to modify motorcycles after one year?” She asked, these people would like to work honestly, but they did not get the help of the government.

Her proposal was categorically rejected by the city’s transportation bureau chief, Polly Trottenberg. Jotenberg said: “We are not discussing the modification of motorcycles today.” Jottenberg also repeatedly mentioned the safety hazard in his testimony, saying that although there is no data to prove that the electric bicycle caused a fatal traffic accident, the public complained The more you come, and so on.

Jordon Berg also repeatedly mentioned the shared bicycle project that the Transportation Bureau is currently promoting; and the legalization of motorcycles and electric bicycles was pushed to the state government, saying: “If Albany passed, the New York City will study.”

In addition to traffic safety issues, this is also the main reason for the community’s opposition to the proposal. The proposal also involves police enforcement of prejudice.

City Councilman Gu Yaming asked: “Why do some districts always receive a ticket?” He asked the Chancellor of Traffic Police Safety, Thomas Chan, to provide fines for district-based fines. He believes that the police have the suspicion of discriminating against law enforcement. “The mayor of Bai Sihao said that New York City is the city of the people, but the vulnerable groups of foreign-language lang who do not understand English have nowhere to apply.”

Ydanis Rodriguez, chairman of the City Council’s Transport Committee, advocated adopting this proposal. “Safety is undoubtedly the first choice for everyone. Can we let us push forward the proposal and make rules to ensure safety?” “I I believe that speed-limited electric bicycles are safe.”

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