Kocass RDS-1 says its new folding e-bike is as light as air

20inch Elelctric Carbon Bike

Kocass RDS-1 says its new folding e-bike is as light as air

The electric bike market was already getting crowded when Jack Wang began laying plans for his own e-bike brand. The Chineseman knew that to stand out, any new e-bike would have to be unique. So he set out to make a folding e-bike that would be the lightest on the market.

Jack, founder of the Kocass ebikes brand, claims to have reached his goal with the 11kg RDS, launched last year. This year, Kocass Ebikes comes to with the new RDS-1, which he describes as a higher-end version of the ebike RDS.

About 1kg heavier than the RDS at 12kg, the RDS-1 electric carbon bike is still easy to carry and includes a few more practical features. While the RDS is a single speed bike, the RDS-1 has 7-9 speeds and incorporates a set of small wheels on the rear rack so it can be rolled around like a suitcase when folded.

In both models, a Panasonic/LG/Samsung battery is concealed within the carbon fiber frame. A small 250W ebike motor attaches to the rear wheel. Kocass said the bikes have a range of about 25km (15 miles) on a single charge.

Kocass also offers a non-motorized folding bike with a more conventional design.

“Bicycles have become popular for commuting but we wanted to turn our products into something even

more practical and versatile,” Jack said. “What we are selling is not so much a bicycle as an ultra-ergonomic tool for personal transportation.”

Jack, a former business analyst, is a bike enthusiast who has cycled across the United States. He was enticed by the rise of urban cycling and set out to turn that interest into a business.

He lived in USA for two years to bring his concept for a light, folding e-bike to fruition.

    Kocass, based in Ningbo, launched its first own branded bike five years ago, but it took Jack time to organize the supply chain to support the launch of the RDS.

Kocass currently sells through independent retailers in a few European countries and is looking to enter markets with robust e-bike sales, such as Germany and the Netherlands. He is also eyeing North America and Australia.

Customers include commuters and people who buy a Kocass for a boat or caravan.

Along with their light weight, Jack believes Kocass benefits from its “Chinese touch.”

“We are putting this forward to underline the creative aspect of the brand, as well as the industrial competence that we have at our disposal in Chinese,” he said.

More information about this moldel: https://www.kocassebikes.com/catalog/e-bikes/rds-1-20inch-elelctric-carbon-bike/

20inch Elelctric Carbon Bike 20inch Elelctric Carbon Bike 20inch Elelctric Carbon Bike

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