Showing The Splendidness Of Bicycle

Showing The Splendidness Of Bicycle

Showing The Splendidness Of Bicycle


The 28th China International Bicycle Fair (China Cycle for short) with the theme of “intelligently building a sharing world” will be solemnly held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on May 6-9, 2018. Six pavilions, exhibition area of 180,000m2 and over 1,300 exhibitors will refresh a new record of China Cycle. China eCycle of this year will centrally reflect the cutting-edge technology level and product quality of bicycle industry, exhibit infinite possibility brought by bicycle to city, people’s health and entertainment life, exhibits high-end, brand and international new trend of bicycle development at present. Electric Bicycle China


Paperless property providing more convenient exhibition participation

In the network era of advocating energy-saving and environmental protection, greenness and fastness are objectives. Paperless office is born. Mobile, precise and personalized “cloud service” perfectly match with various industries. China Cycle of this year will follow the trend of era and launch “paperless” exhibition contract. Electric Bike Factory

2018 China Cycle provides a new exhibitor service platform for exhibitors and formally adopts electronic payment notice (contract). After completing booth assignment, exhibition contract will not be sent to exhibitors by mail type, but electronic payment notice (contract) will be sent to “special Email for exhibitors” in official website of China Cycle. Meanwhile, the organization committee will send user name and password to enterprise director by a short message. After receiving message, enterprises can log in official website of China Cycle, click “exhibitor” button and log in the website by user name and password received, check and print electronic payment notice (exhibition contractor) in “sponsor notice” of exhibition service center. In the “booth layout”, check booth assigned and make payment after confirming no error. In addition, exhibitors can check and modify the registration information in “order management”, browse and download Service Manual for Exhibitors and Safety Management Manual uploaded by the organization committee and other relevant notices and service information pushed by the organization committee. Electric Bike Manufacturer

China Cycle exhibition cycle realizes “paperless” property, which can not only reduce carbon and save energy, but also greatly shorten time of contract mailing and make exhibitors get familiar with booths and adjustment arrangement of the organization committee in the first time. Exhibitors can check contract and booth at any time and any place, deal with exhibition matters in more convenient, faster and effective manner, so as to greatly improve the exhibition efficiency. Wholesale Electric Bicycle

Audiences of E Bicycle China will enjoy much convenience in the visiting process. Audiences can log in official website of China Cycle and click “audience” button to make registration for visiting and download visiting confirmation letter. Audiences can quickly enter the venue by the downloaded confirmation letter or directly showing registered name to get the visiting card. Audiences can make pre-registration on official accounts of China Cycle and official APP, which save time of audiences filling in registration materials at site, realize “paperless” visiting registration and obtain environmental and convenient effect. E Scooter Supplier


Internationalism providing a more professional exhibition stage

“Internationalism” advantage of China Cycle is without a doubt. It’s an important place for European and American high-end brands to enter Chinese market and foreign professional audiences to seek Chinese cooperation parties. Every year, there are some new foreign exhibitors and new international brands on China Cycle, they hope to attract more attentions from the platform and effectively expand Chinese market. Electric Scooter Supplier

Clarks Cycle Systems who takes part in China Cycle for the first time has been devoting to innovation and manufacture of high-quality bicycle spare parts for over 60 years. They use rich experience and tradition to constantly complete products, greatly input materials and design for innovation and meet constant changing demand of market. By unremitting efforts, Clarks Cycle Systems ensures that products are always in the world leading level. Electric Bike Supplier

Founded in 1991, Hungarian company KOLIKEN KFT. who takes part in China Cycle for the first time has a workshop of 16,000m2 in Kiskunhalas, Hungary, and it was one of the biggest bicycle manufacturing enterprises as early as 2010. Main products of KOLIKEN KFT. company include city bicycle, mountain bicycle, children’s bicycle and bicycle spare parts. They are constantly committed to meeting customers’ requirement and obtain graces of many overseas customers.

Denmark Ceramic Speed Company is a big company of bicycle industry taking part in the exhibition for the first time. Founded in 2007, CeramicSpeed company specially provides high quality ceramic bearing for the bicycle industry. Among top professional contests like Tour de France, ceramic bearings are very popular in recent years. Top racers like Kittel, Cavendish, Contador, Howes, etc. are users of Ceramic Speed. All Ceramic Speed bearings are manually manufactured in Denmark. In the production flow, bearings must pass several testing procedures to ensure super high performance.

In addition to many international bicycle brands taking part in China Cycle for the first time, there are world famous bicycle brands returning to China Cycle, Austrian bicycle brand KTM is an example. Austrian brand KTM was founded in 1953 and launched the first KTM bicycle in 1964 and completed independent design, mould opening, production and assembly. The biggest feature of KTM is the adherence and responsibility of quality. To improve the quality, they invested Euro 5 million in building a “bicycle dream factory” of 2,500m2 in 2007. KTM products include mountain bicycle, road bicycle and diversified bicycle products, which provide quality bicycle to riders and provide various bicycle accessories. Ebike Factory

Diversity providing happy exhibition experience

Visiting China Cycle, you can not only see diversified new bicycle products, but also appreciate and take part in various bicycle activities. China Cycle is a big party held for bicycle enthusiasts. Every participant can find interesting activity in the party.

This year, classic activities of China Cycle like innovative products selection activity exhibition, China International X-Games, World Brand Bicycle Trial Riding Activity, CHINA CYCLE FASHION Show, Bicycle Photography Contest, Best Enterprise Booth Selection, etc. will fully exhibit bicycle culture to audiences, and the interaction of activity will make audience fully enjoy the interest of bicycle.

In addition to activity for adults, China Cycle will also specially hold two activities with high involvement to children, which fully reflects the concept of “promoting riding culture from children”. Children bicycle activity can not only cultivate riding interest of children, but also enhance parent-child emotion and make riders and their offspring have more similar hobbies.

Bicycle children’s park in venue 4.1 will promote the activity of child balance bicycle (sliding bicycle), attract more people to recognize and take part in the sports benefiting children’s physical and psychological health in happy atmosphere, and widely promote bicycle sports and healthy riding ecology. E Bike Manufacturer

Another exclusive activity for children is the splendid child balance bicycle contest Strider Cup to be held in north hall on May 6. Among many child balance bicycle brands, American Strider carries out global brand contest Strider Cup by virtue of excellent product performance. This time, China Cycle will introduce Strider Cup. Children of 2-5 years old can challenge the first contest in their lives. We believe that there must many very interesting scenes.


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