In order to make warranty issue clear, the Seller and Buyer agreed on the following.


1. Parts warranty period:

a.Battery, charger, controller, display, motor (main electric parts) warranty time: 12-24 months. All the parts must have unique serial number which include production month. Serial number cannot be removed by customer.

b. Battery first 15 months, the capacity should be higher than 70% (must less than 300cycles) and second 12 month the left capacity should be higher than 60%.

c. No warranty for consumable part such as Tires & Brake pads.


2. If the inspected scooter arrives at death (no electric function), Seller will help Buyer to analyze problems and provide replacement parts if needed.


3. Serial Number (shown in the excel file with name of parts or scooter model, serial number, broken reason) of main electric parts and frame number must be provided when claiming warranty. Buyer must claim the warranty once per month (principally last Friday of the month). Seller will confirm the Claim list in 7 working days. Seller will not pay for the labor cost for changing the parts.


4. Main broken electric parts and death scooters must be kept at least 3 months from claiming date. From warranty claiming list, suppliers can request to send some back to China for Analysis under supplier’s cost (within 3 months). If these parts cannot be found, no Warranty Applied. In order to help seller’s supplier, we hope that every time when buyer’s people go to China , he can help to bring some broken parts back to China.


5. Buyer needs to stock some parts in advance. Seller is only responsible to provide spare parts list with reasonable price, and will not pay for air freight fee from China. If the spare parts order was delayed more than 2 weeks due to Seller or Seller suppliers, Seller will pay for the air freight fee at reasonable quantity.




a.) The warranty time begins from the date the products leaves in the Port of Loading.
b.) If the parts specified above has a quality issue during the warranty time, the supplier will provide free replacement parts to buyer by air freight if needed or ship the replacement parts with next order.

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